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Steeped in tradition and rooted in 400 years of shipbuilding history.

The Bath Ale Works brewery and tap room is looking to have a Mid-2020 opening! Being located on the Maine Midcoast in beautiful Wiscasset, the BAW motif, and many of our beer names, will reflect the Midcoast's long maritime heritage and atmosphere. 

BAW beers will be hand crafted from an all-malt barley base in our new 7 bbl brewhouse. Our brewing process will be a combination of the time-honored art of traditional craft brewing and carefully applied state-of-the-art modern methods, with beer recipes that are true to the originally known and traditionally defined styles.

Every beer style has a story...

The Bath Ale Works' Starting Lineup...

Below are some of the beers that we expect to have on tap when we open.  There will be many others as we grow, of course, including styles such as sours, kolsch, browns, barley wines, and whatever strikes the imagination of our head brewers!  But we expect to have at least several of these traditional styles on tap at all times... 

Down Easter Pale Ale

Named for the class of ship designed and built in Bath towards the end of the Age of Sails. We hope this to be our flagship beer, a perfectly balanced, golden Pale Ale.

Arleigh Burke India Pale Ale

Named for the U.S. Navy destroyer class built by Bath Iron Works, this will be an IPA true to the original style, which was brewed with extra malt and hops in order to survive the long voyage from England to British troops stationed in India.

Pond Island Light Ale

Named for the famous island and lighthouse that sits at the mouth of the Kennebec, this will be a light golden ale that will be lower in alcohol and easier on the taste buds.

Zumwalt Porter

Named for the newest U.S. Navy destroyer class being built by Bath Iron Works, this will be a dark beer, and again true to the original Porter style.

Steel Cutter Stout

Named for a common work activity at Bath Iron Works, this stout will be a tasty black ale, with a nice roasted barley bite.

Red Right Return Rye Ale

Anyone who has captained a boat knows this beer’s name comes from the mnemonic that helps to remember an important navigation rule!  This beer perfectly balances its hop and malt flavors, with a generous portion of rye malt contributing a somewhat spicy, dry flavor and feel.

Crane 11 Strong Ale

Named for one of Bath Iron Works’ iconic shipbuilding cranes and brewed to traditional British Strong Ale standards, this dark, strong ale will take you higher!

Coastal Fog Hefeweizen

Inspired by the thick, romantic fogs that often shroud the Midcoast, this beer will be an enticingly cloudy wheat ale brewed in the German hefe style.

North Woods Spruce Ale

Named for Maine’s famed North Woods and the many spruce that grow there, this may be BAW’s most unique and challenging beer, taste-wise, brewed with real spruce tips and essence, which was common in Colonial New England when hops and other spices were in short supply.

New England Snow Fireside Ale

A dark, seasonal, lightly spiced but stronger ale, perfect for sipping by the fire during a New England winter.

Witch Spring Hill Pumpkin Ale

This seasonal ale will use pumpkins and spices in the mash to create a delightful fall brew.

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